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Mason & Dixon Line Preservation Partnership
The True History of the Mason-Dixon Line
Surveyors' Rendezvous


An important objective of the MDLPP is to promote a true and factual history of the Mason and Dixon Line. The Mason and Dixon Line has come to be known as the line which divided the free states from the slave states or north from south. The true history of the line has been muddled through years of folklore and hearsay. There are many who have been led to believe that the stones that mark the line are accurate to within 1/2 inch of the intended location. Others believe that to be from "way down south in Dixie" stems from the fact that they live south of the Mason and "Dixon" Line. (Conversely, I suppose it could be said that a Vermonter is from "way up north in Masey"). Our objective is to dispel such folklore and promote a factual history of the line.



Man with dog at Crownstone

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